About Chris Stephenson

Chris Stephenson is one of our long-time community members, first joining the Central Florida community in the mid-1970s.

He went to Lake Highland Orlando Criminal LawyerPreparatory School in downtown Orlando where he graduated as Grand Marshall and proceeded on to the prestigious University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, double majoring in journalism and political science with a minor in creative writing.

After interning at the Public Defender’s Office during college, Chris Stephenson found his calling of helping those in a potentially end-game scenario of their life and decided to pursue law school at the prestigious Boston College Law School.  While at Boston College, Chris Stephenson became a board member of the Holocaust Human Rights Project, bringing human rights to the forefront of the campus community, volunteered at numerous legal positions helping those in need, and traveled to remote islands of Hawaii and Alaska to assist in legal claims for native islanders.

After graduating from Boston College Law School, Chris Stephenson opted to not pursue a corporate law position but opted to follow his passion of helping those in the greatest need and began his career at one of the largest public defender offices in the Southeast.  After his first year, the office consisting of over 100 attorneys gave him the award of Legal Eagle for top legal mind in the firm.  After his second year, the same office gave him the award of the Extra Mile for the most dedicated attorney at the firm to the pursuit of justice and to the best interest of his client.  C Stephenson hasn’t stopped since.

Chris Stephenson believes that the legal field is not one where we are to engage in warfare.  The style of most cases has a “v.” in the middle, implying that one side is against the other.  This is true in some circumstances, but not every instance.  Chris Stephenson takes the approach to substitute an “&.” for the “v.” when appropriate and people are often amazed at the results such an approach may produce.  We as a legal community do not have to constantly fight against each other.  Sometimes, and in fact a lot of the time, we can work toward a common goal together.

Chris Stephenson loves the practice of law and loves the practice of helping each client one at a time.  Each client has her or his own path on which to walk, and Chris Stephenson loves to help each client figure out how they are going to walk the path, what equipment they are going to need, how long it is going to take.  In the end, at the conclusion of the case and often years afterward, C Stephenson loves to sit atop the mountain with his client and revel in the view.

Call us.  Schedule an appointment.  Chris Stephenson looks forward to walking this path with you.